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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Together On A Mission 2007 ... Final Summary !!!!

Firstly I just want to point out that I am still gonna put my Trainig Tracks on Understanding Islam, on here, but wanted to keep them seperate because they really stand apart from where the rest of the conference was going, in a good way that is.

Well the confrence was, in a word... AMAZING !!! The prophecy that David Stroud brought at the beginning of the week, about people questioning whether the week would be worth it and God saying that, YES it would be worth it... well it certainly wasn't wrong.

I don't think that anyone who was there, could disagree that the presence of the Holy Spirit was so significant. He was there. All week. He blessed people, anointed the preachers and filled many with His Holy Presence !!!

The preaching was great, all week long. And although yes, I did find Terry Virgo's last message hard-going, I still cannot deny that he is a great preacher, and I really do like him.
Preachers of the week were undoubtedly David Devenish and Rob Rufus, both were just amazing, especially Rob with his gifting in the Spirit.

I really enjoyed the Prayer Evening, with such enegetic worship. The prayers had a tangible feel to them, you had to be there to know what I mean by that I guess, but it just felt great to be praying like that with so many people. I really believe God will answer many of those prayers, if not all.
Speaking of the worship, I feel it was the best I've ever known it at Brighton. To bring in a fresh new person, Simon Brading working with Kate Simmonds and Phatfish, just worked so well.

However, I'm not such a Newfrontiers fan that I don't have a couple of things that I didn't like...
First of all, there was no message by Dave Holden this year. I think we missed out there ! I know they had to cut someone out to allow Rob Rufus to preach 3 times, but why Dave Holden ? Never mind lol !
Also I don't think we had enough of Lou Fellingham leading the worship (she led it once the whole week). She's an amazing worship leader, and although I have said Simon Brading was great, and I love Kate Simmonds, I just think Lou should be given more chance to lead.
And finally, although it was a necessity, the overflow room was rubbish (to put it simply). The sound wasn't great and it's hard to worship when you're watching it on a screen.

But hey, theyre just 3 things that I wasn't keen on, but the rest of the week certainly made up for it ! It was an amazing week !

Amen !!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Together On A Mission 2007... Final Session !

The fianl session, as always was brought by Terry Virgo. I'll let you know at the end exactly how I felt about the sermon. But for now I'll just share my notes.

Preaching from Joshua 7...

One chapter before could not have been more different, the wall of Jericho fell = much elation.

Now Joshua is completely undone, had been defated. Things had been going well, sense of invincibility, but suddenly there is trouble.

Instantly, Joshua cries to God.

1) What has happened to the Isrealites?
2) What has happened to the Caananites?

God's next phase = No process with God, He creates.

Similarly with Eden, there's a "don't touch" prohibition.

God saw gross evil/sin in these people (Gen 15) (Rom 1).

Joshuas army was like God's flood, God just said enough !

All that happens, happens through a double minded man. V21 - independent assessment ends in a secret agenda = Beautiful Robe - "I saw".

Pathway to shame, destruction and death. How come some of us look? How can we continue? We're in an age where we can't help seeing. Merely seeing ruins this man.

1 Timothy 6:9 - "Those who want to get rich, fall into ruin".

Saw, Coverted, Took = Defied God's plainly revealed Will. Then he Took = taking is never really joyful, sin needs to be hidden. It offers immediate fulfilment, but it destroys.

Joshua should have avoided self- efficiency, he had always depended on God.

Achan completely forgot his calling and began to live as an individual. Christianity is a corporate thing.

God is angry with sin !

For us, we are not individuals, but a corporate body, we are baptized into a family.
But God wants your individuality, but in the body, in Christ with your brothers and sisters.
It's not incidental, it's fundemental.
Jesus dies that He might die for a family/people to Himself. His/our identity is as light and not darkness... you ARE light.
He made us righteous as a gift... so now live it out.

The story ends with brutal execution.

Set your mind on things above, not earthly things. Put it to death, be ruthless.

"If you by the Spirit..." = Engagement, Enjoy, Energy, Escapology.
The Spirit is a foretaste of the age to come, Eternal Glory !!

It's very hard to fault Terry Virgo, he's such a gifted preacher, and has amazing knowledge of the grace of God.
However... I did not find this sermon that easy to digest. Terry looked pained whilst delivering it. Unfortunately for me, it just seemed way too heavy. I have to totally agree with Dan (and some others) , that seeing Terry look at the screen (we were in the overflow), and saying "you stupid man", just seemed so wrong. It wasn't the Terry I know.

Together On A Mission 2007... Main Session 8 and Prayer Meeting

This message was brought by Rob Rufus. Again, like many people I chose not to make notes here, because I knew there was no point, for reasons explained previously. And again, you can find a good report of it at Dan's blog, as he was one of the few who was brave enough to take notes in attempt to keep up with Rob (hehe).

The prayer evening is always amazing. Not only is it great fun with the energetic worship, brought by Evan Rogers, assisted by Lou Fellingham, but it's a great opportunity for everyone to pray together, asking the Lord for amazingly important things that will help spread the name of Jesus Christ throughout the Earth.

Together On A Mission 2007... Main Session 7

This message was brought by David Stroud. I've always liked Mr Stroud; he's very easy to listen to, yet what he has to say is just fantastic. This message echoed the one brought by Dave Devenish the previous night.

Preaching from Acts 13: 1 - 4 , he spoke about how the church in Antioch grew to 100,000 out of a population of 300,000.

He then went on to point out 5 'Things That Will Bind Us'. These things should ensure growth of churches.

  1. Be a people of the Spirit together. The presence of the Spirit draws in the unbeliever. With Antioch, decisions were made by God speaking.

  2. Prophets and Teachers: Deeply dependent on Scripture. Weshape ourselves not only individually, but corporately by the Book = Word and Spirit together.

  3. Apostles. Word and Spirit churches MUST be multiplied.

  4. Evangelicals. It is ridiculous to try and fulfill the Mission without apostles and teachers.

  5. Be full of confidence. Confidence in God and His ultimate success. "Expect great things from God, Attempt great things for God".

David Stroud finished by pointing out 3 essential things to remember.

  1. Don't get stuck in one place.

  2. Get connected to apostles and prophets.

  3. Build a team that is gifted to build Word and Spirit churches.
I have visited Dave Stroud's Church, ChristChurch in London, and I have to say that I was very impressed. It's a young and vibrant church, and Dan wrote a great review about that visit, calling it a "dangerous church" - read it here.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Together On A Mission 2007... Main Session 6

Main Session number 6 was brought by David Devenish. This man, alongside Rob Rufus, made the week for me personally. Not only was this sermon grade A preaching, but the Understanding Islam Training Tracks that he hosted and spoke at were fantastic. All in all, a good week for Mr Devenish.

This session he preached from Acts 19 and 20 (various verses). The title was, "The Ephesus Mission - A Pattern of World Evangelisation".

Dave Devenish started by looking at the stage back drop behind him and pointed out the 'Together on a Mission' and 'Mobilise' logos. He told that how the day before, he had been looking at those and it occured to him that they actually applied to everyone there. We may have all been there for either the Leadership part of the conference, or the Mobilise part, but David felt that, as he put it, we were all there to "MOBILISE FOR MISSION TOGETHER".

Great sentiments, but he meant that all generations were involved in world evangelisation. That's what we were all there for.

"All the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord."
"It is God's will that He be known throughout the world."
"God wants us to be influences."
"God's mission is to fill the Earth, Ephesus was a taster for that."
With all that in mind Dave Devenish set out 8 points that he called, 'Paul's Strategy'.

1) Paul established a base church with influence. Established bases of light to darkened places. The timing of establishing places needs to be prophetically led by the Lord/Spirit.

2) Paul ensured that key values were established in the core group. The church is a community of the Spirit.

3) Consistent teaching of apostolic revelation.

4) Power Evangelism. "Paul did literally no ordinary miracles". The anointing is something that can be felt and passed on.

5) They confronted the culture and the world view. Issues are dealt with, and whole cultures are affected.
6) Paul models Relational Servant Leadership. Paul wasn't just on platforms, but he went house to house = genuine relationships.

7) Endured massive opposition and pressure.

8) Be prepared for future advance - to the unreached regions of the Earth.

I strongly urge you to download/buy the CD/DVD of this sermon, because my notes here probably don't do anymore than give a taster for the whole sermon... it really was that good.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Together On A Mission 2007... Main Sessions 4 and 5

Unfortunately I didn't attend session 4, brought by P. J. Smyth, because I wasn't feeling very well, so went back to our accomodation after my first Training Track on Understanding Islam (which incidentally I'll be putting those on here together and seperate from the rest of the conference report).

As for Rob Rufus's message in slot number 5, I couldn't possibly make notes, as again he talks way too fast, told some great stories and never stuck to any kind of plan !!! lol !

The best place for the reports on these 2 sessions is at Dan's blog, they're both detailed and exciting.

Together On A Mission 2007... Main Session 3

Terry Virgo, as always, brought the final message of the first day.

He preached from Joshua 1:1 - 9. The theme was a new era after a significant death, i.e. Joshua after Moses; the point of which Terry refers to in the welcome mesaage of the conference handbook.
Terry goes on...

Joshua is told that it requires fresh faith, and he is told to start by doing a miracle.

To serve God is to have faith. It's no good training people just on information, but in faith. Without faith, you cannot please him.
Joshua may have been the leader, but it is all about the people - God's people.

God's assessment of the opposition: People will try and stop you; the fact that the Word says there there will be no opposition, implies that there will be barriers. Nothing can stop the onward march, especially when He says there is a new era.

They might come strentgh etc, but we must come in the name and strength of God.

God is ready to do things we could never have imagined.

This message was classic Terry !!! Yey !!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Together On A Mission, Main Session 2

Rob Rufus brought the second session of the 1st day, as he would continue to do the afternoon slots over the next 2 days.

Preaching from Acts 4, Rob's message was entitled "Being Filled with Great Faith and Power".

Because Rob Rufus talks incredibly fast and never really follows any structure (that's by no means a criticism), I tend to just make the odd note of quotes that he throws out. Quotes that really make you think as here we go...

"Christ said religious traditions null and void the Power of God. God anoints us to destroy that which binds us, eg strongholds."

"Let everyday, the sun set today's issues , deal with strongholds now...the anointing sets the captives free."

"I hate intellectual doesn't help our fatih much. If Christ is raised from ther dead, then people should see signs and wonders. We will live in the currents of Almighty God."

"Having faith and having the boldness for your faith... these are more important than the doctrines of faith."

"Faith doesn't come from a good education, it comes from an intimate relationship with Jesus."

"Most churches do not teach how to move in the Spirit of Faith. It's easier to do signs and wonders in the Faith."

Rob followed his message with a fabulous timem of ministry, with many people laid on the floor, causing Nigel Ring some distress...hehe !!

Monday, July 16, 2007

TOGETHER ON A MISSION 2007....WOW ! Main Session 1

The Together on a Mission coneference (with Mobilise), in Brighton UK last week, got off to a FANTASTIC start !! And boy did it carry on.

Quite frankly...the Lord was there from start to finish. I'm gonna take a leaf out of other people's books, such as Dan, and do each post as a session or seminar meeting !

The first meeting after the hectic (but still buzzing) registration, was brought by Stephen Van Rhyn, who has opened the last two conferences.
The worship was excellent. Led by Kate Simmonds, with help from Simon Brading and Phatfish, check out our 'On Eagles Wings' blog for the full details of the worship (but needless to say, it was awesome).

Stephen Van Rhyn preached from Exodus 32, you could call the message, 'the Golden Calf'. His overall message was that "Leadership Matters". At every level, leadership needs depth, and nothing is insignificant. Van Rhyn talked through Aaron's mistakes, and why he did not make a good leader, and then talked through Moses successes, and why he made a great leader, especially in troubled times.

To summarise, Moses led and lived for the Glory of God. Stephen Van Rhyn would urge leaders (and indeed everyone else) to do the same.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Brighton 2007

Just a quickie...

Tomorrow me and Dan are leaving (not so) Sunny Birmingham for (hopefully) Sunny Brighton !!

The NewFrontiers leader's conference, 'Together On A Mission 2007', kicks off on Tuesday, and it's fair to say that we are SOO excited ! Cannot wait to see what God has in store for us... as indviduals... as a gathering... as a nation !!! It promises to be more than just a leader's conference.

So when we get back next weekend, hopefully I'm gonna have a LOT to blog about... so check it out !!