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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Together On A Mission, Main Session 2

Rob Rufus brought the second session of the 1st day, as he would continue to do the afternoon slots over the next 2 days.

Preaching from Acts 4, Rob's message was entitled "Being Filled with Great Faith and Power".

Because Rob Rufus talks incredibly fast and never really follows any structure (that's by no means a criticism), I tend to just make the odd note of quotes that he throws out. Quotes that really make you think as here we go...

"Christ said religious traditions null and void the Power of God. God anoints us to destroy that which binds us, eg strongholds."

"Let everyday, the sun set today's issues , deal with strongholds now...the anointing sets the captives free."

"I hate intellectual doesn't help our fatih much. If Christ is raised from ther dead, then people should see signs and wonders. We will live in the currents of Almighty God."

"Having faith and having the boldness for your faith... these are more important than the doctrines of faith."

"Faith doesn't come from a good education, it comes from an intimate relationship with Jesus."

"Most churches do not teach how to move in the Spirit of Faith. It's easier to do signs and wonders in the Faith."

Rob followed his message with a fabulous timem of ministry, with many people laid on the floor, causing Nigel Ring some distress...hehe !!


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