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Friday, July 28, 2006

Together Again !!!

In my last post, abaout the Together on a Mission 06 Conference, I talked about how Dan had a picture for me that involved my oldest brother Martin, who died when I was 4 years of age.
This picture was of course given to Dan to tell me how much Jesus loves me, and it was of Martin being in heaven, fit and able and running around as he never could do in life (he had severe cerebral palsy).

Well long before this incident I had always imagined Martin being able to do such things in heaven, so you can imagine how happy I was to receive that word; I had always 'had' a song, that reminded me of Martin, my song for him if you like.
The song is Together Again by Janet Jackson, who wrote the song for a couple of very close friends who died from AIDS. She believes that she will one day see them in heaven, and so do I with Martin !!

Now I am (almost cringe-worthingly) inept at technology of this sort, I tried to include the video for the song (it is a FABULOUS video), but it did not appear, so please follow this link which SHOULD lead you to it. Enjoy, because it's worth it !!!!!


  • Just wanted to say hi - I followed various random links to get here, and saw you are a Bristolian too, and were at TOAM 06... which either means I know you but I don't know I know you, or it means people were at TOAM 06 from Bristol who I don't know (which I didn't know)...
    so yeah, I'm clarie, journal at, I go to City Church in Bristol. Hi. And are you going to Newday?

    By Anonymous Clarie, at 4:47 PM  

  • Lol !! Well that is a cool message lol !!
    Hi Claire, I don't believe I do know you, but i got to Bridge Community Church, the north bristol church in Bradley Stoke !!
    And no I'm not gonna be at Newday unfortunately !!
    But if you are, hope you have a cool time.

    By Blogger Living Life Now, at 2:49 PM  

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