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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hey Ho, Let's Go !!!

Well I haven't blogged for about a month, for which Baxter's Boy has mocked me over lol !!! But there has been a very good reason for this... I just haven't had the inspiration to say anything. I wish I could be like Dan, who has so much knowledge and so much to say, that he has been known to blog 3 times a day ! I actually really do admire him.
But without inspiration to say anything of worth, I simply haven't blogged, if something's not worth saying, then don't say (unfortunately this is often true of Christians lol).

Now that's the negative bit out the way, a few things I've been up to since I last blogged.
First as always is University. I believe my last blog sighted if my peers and I would work any harder...well we have no choice lol ! The work load for a teacher training course is fairly heavy, but that's ok, because I honestly am enjoying it.

Secondly (along with Baxter's Boy) I have started going to a new church. This may not seem like a big deal, but bare in mind that I only became a Christian last July and I grew up in an atheist family. So for me to start going regularly to church is a milestone. And it is just sucha great church: one that is so welcoming, non pushy, open to the Holy Spirit, with so many young people like ourselves there. It's so easy to fit in.
I may only have been to a couple of Sunday morning meetings, and a cell group, but I know I'm going to love this church.

Other things keeping me occupied have included...
Having a photoshoot at a photography studio, that was a lot of fun, can't wait for the prints to arrive, I may even publish a select few on my blog !
Also went back to Birmingham for the first time since Christmas, saw my wonderful parents (and even managed to fit in a bit clubbing lol, much fun) !!
And finally I've just been doing my part time job in a pub, serving my local drunks lol ! O well, it pays the bills.

Well that's me, and what I've been doing for the last month or so, hopefully my literary slump will cease, and I can blog fully ! Scarily though, i do have a few ideas for forth coming blogs lol !!!
Beware lol !
I daresay there will be a lot about church, for which I really cannot wait, especially if they continue to be so Spirit-filled.


  • Great to read this ... dont feel bad about not writing often - you have the gift of when you say something - it really matters and really counts and it is good to read. bless you.

    By Anonymous Ollie, at 12:35 PM  

  • Aaaw well thank u, that is very encouraging to read !!
    I just never wanted my blog to be a five-minute-wonder lol !!
    please pop back to my blog again some time.

    By Blogger Living Life Now, at 12:12 PM  

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