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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Grace of God Upon My Life

'The Grace of God Upon My Life' is my favourite worship song. It's actually a very simple song in itself, but it has tremendous meaning, especially for me personally.
I first heard the song on the live worship album, 'The Passion of God's Son', which is the live worship from the 2004 NFI Leaders Conference in Brighton. I just absolutely fell in love with the song.
It tells that His Grace is nothing to do with what we have done, or even that we deserve it, but that it's given simply because He loves us.
It's unending, unfailing, unmerited, unlimited (as the song goes).

I sang this song at the very same conference in 2005, the year in which I let God into my heart.

I attended this conference, not because I have any designs on going into church leadership, but just simply because I was asked by my very good friend Dan (Baxter's Boy). I went because I wanted to meet with God, and I knew that here was a very good chance to try and do so.
Well the worship was exceptional and so inspiring. you could just feel the presence of God in the room, as over 3000 people sang their praises to Him.

The 3 years prior to the conference I had been coming to know God more and more, as I was introduced to Him by Dan. I come from a non religious background, but I always wondered about God and what He was about. This was my chance.

About 3 days into the conference, a Pastor friend of Dan's who was one of the people we attended the conference with, had a word for me. He felt that I was holding back from giving myself fully to God. This was very spooky, as 5 minutes before hand I had said the same thing to Dan !!!
Well during the worship following this incident, we sang my song, 'The Grace of God Upon My Life'. And I was blown away. I told God that I wanted to let Him into my heart. And He was there; I felt this cool breeze on the back of my neck, it was like he was standing behind me, and had I fell he'd have caught me. It was amazing.

Things didn't quite end there for that day. After the evening session, the people I was at the conference with, including Dan, all prayed for me. Sat on the floor of our accomodation, they laid hands on me, praying and giving words of prophecy. And I became a Christian, I saw in one awesome moment, a picture of a great and glorious God on a throne, and me just looking up at Him in complete awe.

Being at that conference gave me a wonderful spirit filled feeling, and I pray to God that it never leaves me. The Grace He has shown me is wonderful. There is nothing like having God's love for you.
That's why that song is so special to me.


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