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Sunday, January 15, 2006

I love being a student !!!

Most people think we're vile parasites, a pimple on the bum of humanity. With nothing better to do all day than watch day time T.V. whilst eating baked beans straight from the can.
Well this may be true of a lot a students ! It depends on which course you do.
Students like my younger brother who are doing courses that do not lead to a job afterwards (he's doing an English Language Degree), and who whinge about doing less than nine hours a week in uni actually give students like me a bad name !!!
I persoannly do twice as many hours in uni and a school placement every tuesday ! (I also hold a part time job)

Now, please understand that I am not complaining about my timetable. This is because I LOVE being a student. I love being at uni.
I'm on a teacher training course and it is so much fun ! My group at uni is also a lot of fun, we all get on really well and have a laugh and really help each other out with our course.

We've been back a week after the Christmas holidays, and it was so interesting to see how many of them disliked being back at home. Most of them couldn't wait to come back to uni, and gain their independence back away from their parents again.
I myself have lived away from home for over a year before starting uni, so didn't have this problem over xmas. But having visited my parents for short periods of time could see where they were coming from with that.

So are we going to work harder now that we are SO glad to be back ???
I'd like to say yes straight away, but in fairness we've only been back a week, give us a chance ! lol.
I shall keep you posted on our progress.


  • I know what you mean about other students giving us a bad name - how annoying is this "ugh I'm so bummed, I actually have 4 hours of consecutive lectures on one day of my timetable this term!" Grrrrr....

    By Blogger Luke Wood, at 12:10 PM  

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