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Monday, July 16, 2007

TOGETHER ON A MISSION 2007....WOW ! Main Session 1

The Together on a Mission coneference (with Mobilise), in Brighton UK last week, got off to a FANTASTIC start !! And boy did it carry on.

Quite frankly...the Lord was there from start to finish. I'm gonna take a leaf out of other people's books, such as Dan, and do each post as a session or seminar meeting !

The first meeting after the hectic (but still buzzing) registration, was brought by Stephen Van Rhyn, who has opened the last two conferences.
The worship was excellent. Led by Kate Simmonds, with help from Simon Brading and Phatfish, check out our 'On Eagles Wings' blog for the full details of the worship (but needless to say, it was awesome).

Stephen Van Rhyn preached from Exodus 32, you could call the message, 'the Golden Calf'. His overall message was that "Leadership Matters". At every level, leadership needs depth, and nothing is insignificant. Van Rhyn talked through Aaron's mistakes, and why he did not make a good leader, and then talked through Moses successes, and why he made a great leader, especially in troubled times.

To summarise, Moses led and lived for the Glory of God. Stephen Van Rhyn would urge leaders (and indeed everyone else) to do the same.


  • Excellent summary and great post. Brief is sometimes best I think!!Keep at it!!

    By Blogger Dan Bowen, at 11:41 PM  

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