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Saturday, August 26, 2006

A change of direction...for both me and Lou !!!

I'd been wondering what I could babble on about for my next blog, but nothing was coming to mind. I kinda wanted my blog to have some sort of purpse...!! But then in a moment of almost sheer inspiration I knew what I could do !
I love music, of all sorts, Christian and secular, so if I have an album in the house that I love, especially if it's a (fairly) new one, then why not share that with people !! Basically I could write album reviews, because I love analyzing music !!

So my fisrt album review just has to be the solo effort of Phatfish front-lady, Lou Fellingham.
Now trditionally when members of a band decide to go solo for a while, it doesn't always work out, and their efforts can be a little disappointing, because they can't quite create a sound that matches/rivals that which they had with their band !!
However...that is not the case with Lou Fellingham, she can be put in the same bracket as Robbie Williams or Michael Jackson as an singer that has come up the goods as a solo artist.

Treasure really does live up to its name, as there are so many great songs on here that anyone can relate to. Lou's voice breezes through each song, carrying you in a very 'happy-to-be-alive' sort of way. You can tell that Lou truly loves God with all her heart and soul, because that's what she's put into this album.

The album contains 12 songs altogether, some new and some very farmiliar.

O God Of Love kicks us off in style, bouncing along declarind how good it is to be loved by God, the Ever-Faithful one, it's a great collective worship song.

Hard Pressed is a great faith building song for those times when life is gets hard, Lou tells us to put our hope in God, when then He can even do miracles.

Amazing Love is a gorgeous ballad to the Lord Jesus, praising Him for His over-whelming love.

Build This House sticks with the ballad theme and is another faith building song. Lou tells that all that we build is nothing if it's done without or by God, for God and His Glory. She delivers a great sentiment, "I want something that will stand/ When your Holy fire comes/ Something that will last/ And to hear you say well done". Amen !!

Treasure, the title track picks up the pace again and is fairly self explanatory, God's Grace is an amazing treasure, and Lou just wants to sing and shout about that. Rock on Lou !!

Before The Throne is perhaps the one track on this album that I just can't quite make up my mind about...! While the lyrics are amazing and carry such truth, this modernised version is more up-beat than the classic way Lou sang it at Stoneleigh. Maybe it's just because I'm used to that version, and love it so much that a newer version just won't match it in my mind. Well judge for yourself.

Holy Ground is another self-explanatory one, saying that the Lord is so Holy and worthy, its a great ballad.

Sing To The Lord has a jazz feel to it, and was taught by Lou to the thousands at the NFI Together on a Mission Conference earlier this year. It's another great sing and shout to the Lord song, and proclaim how amazing he is.

Coming Home is a great up-beat song about how the Lord never gives up on us, and that eventually we will realise that we simply can't go through life without God.

I Will Say is my personal favourite ! It tells that the Lord is a great source of refuge, strength and he'll never grow tired. An amazing song to listen to if you're having a low day.

God Of Mercy (Prayer Song) was originally sung for AIDS victims in Africa. It's a beautiful and slightly haunting song, which Lou has dedicated to the millions of AIDS orphans in Africa.

Let It Rain is a Paul Oakley song, it finishes the album as it started, rocking out for the Lord !! Lou cries to the Lord to let the Holy Spirit to pour down on us and the Earth.

Treasure is a fantastic album, it's been a long time coming, but sooo worth the wait, and I reccomend it whole heartedly, so go buy it !!!


  • Excellent review!! While I've heard the album and listen to it regularly as you know - its still great to read through each song and see what you think of them.

    "I will say" still remains my favourite song - as you know things have been really difficult recently and that declaration of truth is such an encouragement that God is present and a refuge for us to hide in like the coney's of John Grove's prophecy!!

    Thanks for this. :)

    By Blogger Baxter's Boy, at 4:42 PM  

  • We would love you to review the Brighton Live Worship Album; "Praise is Rising"! I enjoy your thoughtful insightful comments!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:04 AM  

  • Heya, can I invite you to our City church Barn dance on Friday, 7pm, Cotham school? It's to raise money for hte Bristol Crisis Centre, and it'd be great to meet fellow bristol newfrontiers bloggers:-)

    By Anonymous Clarie, at 4:11 PM  

  • I agree, its a great album!

    By Blogger Gavin White, at 8:03 AM  

  • Get ur ass in gear and get blogging again ;).

    Oops I used a naughty word.

    By Blogger Baxter's Boy, at 6:01 AM  

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