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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Biblical Worship from the Heart !!!

If you've recently been following Baxter's Boy's Blog (try saying that 10 times in rapid succession), then you may be aware, through what Dan has been saying that some people, albeit a minority, have criticised certain worship songs for being too caught up in emotion and not having enough theological grounding !! Whew !! These certain songs have included the very popular "Draw Me Close to You", written by Kelly Carpenter.

Personally I love this song. Some people however have said it's more of a lovesong to the Lord, asking Him to draw the person close as though He were their lover (see Dan's blog for more on that). Well... that's nonsense !!!
I do not listen to/sing that song asking the Lord to draw me close in that manner.
And sure this song may not be heaped with theology, but you can see the essence of this song in the Bible: all throughout Psalms there are cries for God to draw the likes of David in, and let him know that God is there, "Help me know You are near", as the song goes.

This is a heart-felt song, again a feeling which has been criticised. But Proverbs 3:5 clearly says "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding."
This shows us that by trusting in God with all our hearts, he will lead us, shelter us and, 'bring us back to Him'. Not wishing to be so obvious, but the Bible teaches us that all who testify in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ will be saved. However, we need to do this with our hearts, all of our hearts.

I agree that theological understanding is VERY inportant, I am not doubting this for a second. But surely we need an understanding of the Heart, and what it yearns for. "Draw Me Close to You" is biblical, all throughout Psalms David's heart yearned for the nearness of God.

I think it was a member of Dan's family that said there is a time and a place for songs like "Draw Me Close to You", and likewise for more theological based songs. This is a very good, and probably true point. But surely aren't there a million and one songs out there that include both: Biblical worship from the heart??????

My last point is about the right to a personal relationship with God. Just because this song appears to be a "ditty", all about emotions; does that mean that I cannot connect with God because there seems to be no theology in there? No it doesn't. I will freely admit that when it comes to theology, I am not so fab, preferring to leave it to the likes of Baxter's Boy. But through songs like this I really connect with God, I lose myself in Him, and in what He has done for me.

My favourite song is "The Grace of God Upon My Life"; a very simple song containing one small verse and one small chorus. A possible candidate for an attack on the lack of theology perhaps?
However, I love it, and the Grace of God is, to me, the most heart-felt (and very theological as it runs throughout the entire Bible) truth in the whole of history.