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Monday, July 23, 2007

Together On A Mission 2007... Main Session 6

Main Session number 6 was brought by David Devenish. This man, alongside Rob Rufus, made the week for me personally. Not only was this sermon grade A preaching, but the Understanding Islam Training Tracks that he hosted and spoke at were fantastic. All in all, a good week for Mr Devenish.

This session he preached from Acts 19 and 20 (various verses). The title was, "The Ephesus Mission - A Pattern of World Evangelisation".

Dave Devenish started by looking at the stage back drop behind him and pointed out the 'Together on a Mission' and 'Mobilise' logos. He told that how the day before, he had been looking at those and it occured to him that they actually applied to everyone there. We may have all been there for either the Leadership part of the conference, or the Mobilise part, but David felt that, as he put it, we were all there to "MOBILISE FOR MISSION TOGETHER".

Great sentiments, but he meant that all generations were involved in world evangelisation. That's what we were all there for.

"All the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord."
"It is God's will that He be known throughout the world."
"God wants us to be influences."
"God's mission is to fill the Earth, Ephesus was a taster for that."
With all that in mind Dave Devenish set out 8 points that he called, 'Paul's Strategy'.

1) Paul established a base church with influence. Established bases of light to darkened places. The timing of establishing places needs to be prophetically led by the Lord/Spirit.

2) Paul ensured that key values were established in the core group. The church is a community of the Spirit.

3) Consistent teaching of apostolic revelation.

4) Power Evangelism. "Paul did literally no ordinary miracles". The anointing is something that can be felt and passed on.

5) They confronted the culture and the world view. Issues are dealt with, and whole cultures are affected.
6) Paul models Relational Servant Leadership. Paul wasn't just on platforms, but he went house to house = genuine relationships.

7) Endured massive opposition and pressure.

8) Be prepared for future advance - to the unreached regions of the Earth.

I strongly urge you to download/buy the CD/DVD of this sermon, because my notes here probably don't do anymore than give a taster for the whole sermon... it really was that good.


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