Living Life Now

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Spare a thought for the workers !

It's New Year's Eve ! Time for frivolity and getting legless !!!
Well, not for me. I have to work tonight, I work in my local pub. It's my part time job for while I'm at Uni. I don't really mind to be honest with you because it's double pay ! yey !
Another person working tonight is my house mate Dan, otherwise known as Baxter's Boy. He will no doubt be editing his blog at some point during his night shift, so do check it out, he has some very interesting things to say.
So spare a thought for us workers, who will endeavour not to be working next New Year's Eve !!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

OOOH I have a Blog !!!

Well not entirely sure what I want to write, just have one because Baxter's Boy has one, he's my house mate you see ! lol !
So if you come across my Blog, check in now and again, cuz I may just have something interesting to say ! lol !
Ciao for now !