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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Together On A Mission 2007... Final Session !

The fianl session, as always was brought by Terry Virgo. I'll let you know at the end exactly how I felt about the sermon. But for now I'll just share my notes.

Preaching from Joshua 7...

One chapter before could not have been more different, the wall of Jericho fell = much elation.

Now Joshua is completely undone, had been defated. Things had been going well, sense of invincibility, but suddenly there is trouble.

Instantly, Joshua cries to God.

1) What has happened to the Isrealites?
2) What has happened to the Caananites?

God's next phase = No process with God, He creates.

Similarly with Eden, there's a "don't touch" prohibition.

God saw gross evil/sin in these people (Gen 15) (Rom 1).

Joshuas army was like God's flood, God just said enough !

All that happens, happens through a double minded man. V21 - independent assessment ends in a secret agenda = Beautiful Robe - "I saw".

Pathway to shame, destruction and death. How come some of us look? How can we continue? We're in an age where we can't help seeing. Merely seeing ruins this man.

1 Timothy 6:9 - "Those who want to get rich, fall into ruin".

Saw, Coverted, Took = Defied God's plainly revealed Will. Then he Took = taking is never really joyful, sin needs to be hidden. It offers immediate fulfilment, but it destroys.

Joshua should have avoided self- efficiency, he had always depended on God.

Achan completely forgot his calling and began to live as an individual. Christianity is a corporate thing.

God is angry with sin !

For us, we are not individuals, but a corporate body, we are baptized into a family.
But God wants your individuality, but in the body, in Christ with your brothers and sisters.
It's not incidental, it's fundemental.
Jesus dies that He might die for a family/people to Himself. His/our identity is as light and not darkness... you ARE light.
He made us righteous as a gift... so now live it out.

The story ends with brutal execution.

Set your mind on things above, not earthly things. Put it to death, be ruthless.

"If you by the Spirit..." = Engagement, Enjoy, Energy, Escapology.
The Spirit is a foretaste of the age to come, Eternal Glory !!

It's very hard to fault Terry Virgo, he's such a gifted preacher, and has amazing knowledge of the grace of God.
However... I did not find this sermon that easy to digest. Terry looked pained whilst delivering it. Unfortunately for me, it just seemed way too heavy. I have to totally agree with Dan (and some others) , that seeing Terry look at the screen (we were in the overflow), and saying "you stupid man", just seemed so wrong. It wasn't the Terry I know.


  • I have to say that whilst I found this last talk by Terry Virgo very sobering, it was so right and of God. Yes it made me think, but it was what God wanted us to hear.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:25 AM  

  • Hiya Carla, thankyou for your comment, and thankyou for checking out my blog. You're right, it was sobering, I just guess that no one likes hearing those kin of sermons really do they?

    By Blogger Scott Stringer, at 7:23 PM  

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