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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Orthodox Christendom... Can It Be Dismissed?!

An anonymous person left this comment on my previous post...mad much?

' "The Florida Revival... Can It Be Dismissed ?!" It has been. By most of orthodox Christendom. There is no euphemism for spiritual quackery, and neither is there a euphemism for the clowns who are willfully conned by it. The fallen world and unsaved will only laugh and mock, not repent and believe. But just as with Toronto & Pensacola, who can blame them for mocking a mockery? (2 Timothy 4:3-5). '

So here we have another Christian person who is so quickly willing to disbelieve and brush aside what is clearly a move of God on close inspection that they leave somewhat viscious comments like the one above. I have no problem in pasting the comment in this post since it was left anonymously, plus anyone who wanted to see it could simply look up the comments on my previous post anyway.

I fail to see how this revival can be dismissed when there are now quite literally thousands of testimonies to God's awesome power there. People are being healed and people are being raised from the dead...what more proof do you need? Why would the devil engineer and empower such a move (if God even allows him) so that the Name of Jesus Christ gets all the glory?

I have to admit that I find the use of the word "orthodox" quite unsettling. It is used here to mean 'tradition', but having looked up the word I find it to actually mean 'truth and right'. But say we take it to mean 'tradition'; presumably the tradition of the church. Well where has this orthodoxy got us over the last 2,000 years? The church as we know it today is not alive with BOTH Word and Spirit. It does not have people queueing around the corner to find out what God has for them. Nor are there many churches out there that are peforming signs and wonders; the same signs and wonders that Jesus told that we would all perform.

This is why God sends revival: To show the unbelievers the beauty of His alive Bride - the Church.

I do not believe that the unsaved are mocking this movement, if anything it is these supposed 'christians' who mock. They are stuck in their ways and do not want revival because it upsets their world and unhinges their warped view of orthodoxy.

God will (and must) keep sending revival whilst the church and the world is in its current state, because as Dr D Martyn Lloyd Jones said,

"We were never meant to be satisfied with a little".


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