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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Together On A Mission 2007 ... Final Summary !!!!

Firstly I just want to point out that I am still gonna put my Trainig Tracks on Understanding Islam, on here, but wanted to keep them seperate because they really stand apart from where the rest of the conference was going, in a good way that is.

Well the confrence was, in a word... AMAZING !!! The prophecy that David Stroud brought at the beginning of the week, about people questioning whether the week would be worth it and God saying that, YES it would be worth it... well it certainly wasn't wrong.

I don't think that anyone who was there, could disagree that the presence of the Holy Spirit was so significant. He was there. All week. He blessed people, anointed the preachers and filled many with His Holy Presence !!!

The preaching was great, all week long. And although yes, I did find Terry Virgo's last message hard-going, I still cannot deny that he is a great preacher, and I really do like him.
Preachers of the week were undoubtedly David Devenish and Rob Rufus, both were just amazing, especially Rob with his gifting in the Spirit.

I really enjoyed the Prayer Evening, with such enegetic worship. The prayers had a tangible feel to them, you had to be there to know what I mean by that I guess, but it just felt great to be praying like that with so many people. I really believe God will answer many of those prayers, if not all.
Speaking of the worship, I feel it was the best I've ever known it at Brighton. To bring in a fresh new person, Simon Brading working with Kate Simmonds and Phatfish, just worked so well.

However, I'm not such a Newfrontiers fan that I don't have a couple of things that I didn't like...
First of all, there was no message by Dave Holden this year. I think we missed out there ! I know they had to cut someone out to allow Rob Rufus to preach 3 times, but why Dave Holden ? Never mind lol !
Also I don't think we had enough of Lou Fellingham leading the worship (she led it once the whole week). She's an amazing worship leader, and although I have said Simon Brading was great, and I love Kate Simmonds, I just think Lou should be given more chance to lead.
And finally, although it was a necessity, the overflow room was rubbish (to put it simply). The sound wasn't great and it's hard to worship when you're watching it on a screen.

But hey, theyre just 3 things that I wasn't keen on, but the rest of the week certainly made up for it ! It was an amazing week !

Amen !!


  • Amen, amen!! Well done on getting your summaries done before mine!! Ah well - I can blame work!! Lol! I found it good to read through your carefully thought through opinions and it's good to see the concerns you had as well - honesty is always good!!

    I agree Lou (voice of an angel) Fellingham needs more useage! What awesome talent!! But it is wonderful how the worship leaders work together to lead us into the Presence of God so powerfully and humbly. Yes ... LEAD US INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD!! Because some of us need leading!!

    And amen too to the overflow room - quiet, cold (brrr) - but I bet they'll get it sorted for next year because Newfrontiers are FAB!! :)

    Well done again! Loved reading it!!

    By Blogger Dan Bowen, at 5:34 PM  

  • Yey, I'm glad you agree. And glad you like my methods, honesty is apparently the best policy lol !
    Can't wait to read all ur reports as well !

    By Blogger Scott Stringer, at 7:16 PM  

  • Okay it is now rush hour in Kington St Michael and I have seen four cars go by in the last half hour!! Aaaagghhh!!! Lol!! I miss Brum!! Can't wait to be back so we can get stuck into our debates and chats and wandering round Christian bookshops!!

    Yes honesty is good - but honesty also gets you into trouble. I should know!! ;)


    By Blogger Dan Bowen, at 4:28 PM  

  • If I hear Bambalaya once more time I am gonna hurl. lol.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:12 PM  

  • I agree Mr/Mrs/Ms Anonymous ! Lol

    By Blogger Scott Stringer, at 1:13 PM  

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